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598 companies
with TCF Elite certificate on the Trans.eu Platform


Sprawniej organizuj transport

Certificate is visible on the Trans.eu Platform

In the place where carriers and forwarders check information about the manufacturer’s reputation on the Trans.eu Platform and make a decision about executing an order.

International confirmation of the service reliability

The certificate is international and visible to users from
all the countries present
on the Trans.eu Platform.
What is more, companies receive the certificate in three language versions. They are also promoted at trade fairs
and conferences.

Make your profile become a company showcase

  • Forwarders choose professionals They prefer Manufacturers who care about high quality of provided services.
  • Carriers focus on security They minimize the risk related to the lack of payment for freight. They look for a reliable contractor who always pays on time. He must care about his relations with the forwarder and ensure good cooperation with the carrier. He is also experienced in working on the Trans.eu Platform and has positive ratings from other contractors.

TCS Elite requirements
(For forwarders):

  • Complete documentation in the register of companies.
  • TransRisk index at the level of a very good payer minimum
  • Transport order free of the prohibition of assignment of receivables
  • 1 year of experience on the market

How to receive the certificate in 2 steps?

  • Upload scans of the required documents to your company profile on the Trans.eu Platform. Send a sample order at tcs@trans.eu
  • We verify formal requirements, documents, financial credibility and reputation in the industry.
  • Enjoy the certificate.
    Keep the required data up to date.
    We monitor it automatically.

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Check certified companies
on the Trans.eu Platform. Complete list of companies ›

Trans IDCertificates
1048724“KOMAD” TRANSPORT MIĘDZYNARODOWY Arkadiusz KołodziejPL5581545487PLTCC
615255“Mebel Logistic” Sp. z o.o.PL9231485924PLTCS
1039429“MIRO” Mirosław KorusPL6381024703PLTCE
566515“POLPRO” Sp. z o.o.PL9161280707PLTCS

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